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Celebrity Interior Designer from HGTV, TLC and Bravo and author of "Do I Look Skinny in this House?" makes it possible for you to “Be Your Own Designer”

Your ultimate solution for space planning, color balance, furniture arranging and room layout that places YOU IN CONTROL....

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Designing your dream home is finally easy and fast!

space planning and interior design expertA special message to you from the desk of Kelli Ellis (Designer from HGTV, TLC, Bravo),

Thank you for taking a moment to learn how I can quickly and easily SAVE YOU THOUSANDS on your home or room remodel.

I guarantee it!

I know the above statement seems bold ………. However, It’s true!

Making the wrong choices when it comes to buying furniture, arranging and planning a room layout is costly and time consuming.

Aside from all I have learned in design school, and in my personal design business, I learned a lot while starring on my TV design shows on HGTV and TLC. The most important thing that I learned is that YOU MUST SPACE PLAN BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. If you fail to space plan, you will lose money, waste your time, and have furniture that doesn't fit.

The easy, fast and simple solution
for your space planning challenges is
"The Kelli Kit"

Before you shop for your furniture or accessories, you will know exactly what pieces you are looking for, what sizes you need, and the colors that perfectly match your design. Now you have the secret that every successful professional designer knows to plan a perfect room... every time. The Kelli Kit makes complex calculations simple and fun!

Imagine, when your friends and family visit, they will wonder how your home looks larger, warmer and so well designed! This is the opportunity you need to look like a designer, and feel great about your home!

By now, you likely realize that The Kelli Kit will not only make your house a home, it will save you time, save you money, and make YOU the designer! In essence, it's your personal empowerment tool.


Kelli Ellis

Magnetic Space Planner

You will instantly…

Have the secrets that every professional designer knows…

Understand color combinations and color schemes for your room and floor layout.

Within minutes, you have created an accurate, to-scale model of the exact room you want.


REMEBER:You don't need drawing or artistic skills to quickly space plan a room every time.





“Kelli, I cannot thank you enough. I used The Kelli Kit™ to space plan my master bedroom, living room and dining area. Without The Kelli Kit™ I would have spent another $900 on a loveseat that would not fit properly in the living room. I learned that the oversized chair, rather than the loveseat, was a better fit!”

- Suzan Goldstein, Long Island, NY

“I found that choosing the right colors and learning how to balance the room with color made my master bedroom look twice as big. Kelli, you are a miracle worker. Now I know why model homes always look spectacular!”

- Diana Davis, Orange County, CA

The Kelli Kit™ helped me rearrange all my existing furniture by space planning it perfectly before I actually moved the furniture. I rearranged my family room and found space for the piano we always wanted!”

- Mary Hughes, Davenport, IA


Be in control and know exactly what you are doing at all times!

The Kelli Kit Floor Space and Color Selection System

Here’s what you get:

  • Professional Magnetic Grid
  • 250 Magnetic Furniture Pieces in Every Imaginable Size
  • Instructional DVD featuring Celebrity Designer, Kelli Ellis
  • Easy–to-use Color Wheel
  • Colored pencils to “color balance” your design
  • Dry-erase Marker to add wall dimensions
  • A Complete System to Save Money, Save Time and Give You The Home or Office of Your Dreams


Contract and Office Interior Design Tools. Symbols that represent over 90% of the industry's most popular generic work surface shapes & sizes and office accessories there is not a faster or easier way to plan.

These unique tools allow the home owner, landscaper and/ or designer to all visualize exactly how your exterior design will look.

Interior design residential planners which aid the designer in creating living spaces through the use of over graphically-detailed magnetic symbols.

Add-on Interior Design Tools for Residential Room Planners, including Closet Organizers, Murphy Beds and Cabinet Organizers, Patios, Gamesrooms and More!

Additional Supplies and Parts for our special Interior Design Tools, inluding larger grid boards for additional sq. ft. and extra magnetic pieces for custom furniture pieces.

Windows Design Kits - Windows & Doors Planning.

Never again……..

  • Will you have to move your furniture over and over hoping it fits
  • Will you feel intimidated by furniture sales people
  • Will you wonder if you are using floor space wisely
  • Will you wonder if you chose the right colors

Yes, Kelli, I want to be in control and make my dream home come to life. I want my Kelli Kit now!

I want it!